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.444 Fairway Woods

Bullet Fairway Woods
   9w (27) - 42 Shaft 11w (31) - 41 Shaft
    13w (34) - 40 Shaft 15w (37) - 39 Shaft

     *Ladies Shafts 1" Shorter Then Mens

   Uniflex, graphite shaft

   Soft rubber, pro-line grip

So many golfers have a hard time hitting their irons or finding any type of consistency problem solved with the new Bullet .444 High Loft Utility Woods. Bullet has designed a collection of utility woods - #9, #11, #13 and #15 - that are sure enhance your game! These clubs not only look incredible, but just wait until you hit them! The crown of these Stainless Steel woods is thinner, putting most of the weight lower, which will help you get the ball up much easier and with perfect ball flight. Each club has a Uniflex graphite shaft with a soft rubber pro line Bullet grip and of course an awesome looking head cover. Stop missing greens and being inconsistent with your irons do your game a favor and play the new Bullet .444 woods yeah, golf can be easier!