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Bullet Fairway Woods
   10.5° loft w/ uniflex, 45” graphite shaft
   Soft rubber, pro-line grip

Bullet B-52 Bomber Anti Slice Driver
This 460 cc OVERSIZE Hyper Titanium Driver is just what the doctor ordered if you slice the ball or keep walking into the trees on the right! Wouldn’t it be nice to see the middle or the left side of the fairway for a change?

BULLET B-52 Bomber 500 CC Driver
You read it right – 500 CC! No… it’s not legal because it’s just too darn big and long! We know you just want to hit it by your friends and keep the honors! This driver can be your secret weapon – go deep with your new 500 CC B–52 Bomber!

Both B-52 drivers are aerodynamically designed to help reduce energy loss during the downswing which increases club head speed for greater distance. The crown is thinner to drive the weight lower into the sole area. This design technology helps you to launch the ball higher with less spin. Our Optimum flex graphite shaft is the perfect weight to produce great feel and ball flight.